Thursday, November 27, 2008

ThanksTaking Comment From Lindsey: 11/27/08

The duty alway falls upon those with responsibility. The 10th Amendment says that is you and me ("people"). We must make the Electors do what they are elected to do. Electors elected were not elected according to State Laws in 2008. The Electors are not "Elected" because the only way they arrived at that office was based upon a party affiliation that did not offer direct "evidence" of a natural born office seeker for President. If they intend to live (be elected Elector) by the sword of Democrat or Republican then they must die by the same sword. I have come to the conlcusion that those who swear to uphold the Constitution and spend their entire privileged time ignoring it, should be given a trial in the State where they entered the conspiracy to violate the Constitutions, and then let 12 suffering equals decide their future life, liberty and property interests (short appeal time). At this trial, the prosecution will be allowed to present the history of the Constitution, including pictures of grave yards, mass burial cites, wounded men and women, and the many other attributes that come with war for liberty. The Constitution created a temporary King or Queen post that is subject to all the millions of Kings and Queens power situated in each State. It took to much time and effort to maintain the Constitutions and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being ruled by written laws, including the Constitutional basis for those laws, as opposed to being ruled by law-yers. When you mix a license to practice law (really regulations) with a paycheck from a remotely located King, such a mixture in Black's Law, 6th Edition, spells this cocktail "P I R A T E" - "Practicing In Regulation At Taxpayer Expense."

Lets stop hoping someone else takes care of it. Stop reading emails hoping to find words that lull us into inaction, and lets start taking care of our business. Tell that side of your brain getting in the way to get behind you or get out. If you have ever stood for anything you should stand up for this issue. When someone asks you why should it matter about "natural born" you best tell them it matters because they asked that question and when the rule of law is no longer the only place you live in is the town of chaos. Tell them when they send a letter to someone the address will not be "any town USA" but rather "Total, Chaos 66666." Tell them Fear kept them from reading and understanding the Constitution and its rules of law, until now (obviously), just imagine what chaos will bring them if they continue to ask others why instead of learning it for themselves. You can also tell them it matters because otherwise they will have to learn, in real time, why those words were written by the blood of men and women who occupied these lands before us.

We can obviously all agree the 50 States United have been attacked by a group of terrorist that walk around looking like they own the place. Realistic wise, they probably do own the place. However, no matter what you own, you will not sit in the oval office as President of the 50 United States of America, unless you are with direct evidence you were naturally born in one of the 50 States and that same evidence shows you have attained the age of 35. Title 3 defines "State" to include the District of Columbia." What year did D.C. become a State and which one of the 50 are they? Lindsey Springer 11.27.08

Happy ThanksTaking everybody!

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