Thursday, March 26, 2009

Depositions of High Ranking Treasury Officials Begin April 2, 2009 and your help is greatly needed.

Lindsey Springer here and I would like to report that on April 2, 2009, I will be honored to take the Court Ordered deposition of R.A. Mitchell. My case is 08-278. If you have ever had a tax lien or assessment then listen up.

How I was able to convince the United States District Court this deposition was relevant was that I subpoenaed R.A. Mitchell because this name was on several documents in a civil case the U.S. Department of Justice attached to their amended complaint against me.

The Government tried to block the deposition saying R.A. Mitchell did not even know her name was on the documents they relied upon. I pointed out that was an admission of forgery. On February 24, 2009, I took the deposition of a Kim Norman in Tulsa who swore that R.A. Mitchell was a stamp and not any real person.

Needless to say if that is true all Notice of Federal Tax Liens are no good and I will be able to show each of you how that would be. In each State you have a Uniform Federal Tax Lien Act and this Act directs federal tax liens to comply with the Uniform Commercial Code. A Forged document in the County Recorder’s Office violates both the Act and the UCC. It gets worse for the revenuers from here.

Assessments are required for a lien to arise after notice of that assessment is given and a demand for payment. Once you refuse to pay then a lien arises as a matter of law. Assessments are done under section 6201, 6202 and 6203 of the Tax Code. Regulations under 26 CFR 301.6203-1 require the district director to appoint an assessment officer. The position of district director was abolished by the Reform and Restructuring Act of 1998. As of 2000 no district directors existed to appoint summary record of assessment officers. The regulation above says the record of assessment must be signed and if the person signing was not assigned by the district director or director of the service center servicing the internal revenue district that you live in then no assessment exists according to the law and no notice, demand, or refusal, could be proven in Court for the collection of any purported assessment.

I need your help. I cannot afford to take the this part of the IRS down without some help from each of you. I need whatever you can give me. I realize many of you know someone who is in some way making some challenge to the status quo. Please realize it is rare to be offered the opportunity to depose high ranking treasury officials and even more rare to actually do it. Most attorneys would simply not do it for fear of attack. I hope you know by now I am not afraid. Concerned yes, afraid no. Imagine me getting to ask the questions and the U.S. Department of Justice not being able to do anything to obstruct me, my questions, or the answers.

My ministry is asking each of you to consider being part of actually getting to ask questions. If you email me your questions relative to assessments, liens, and notices, I will be glad to consider your ideas in forming my questions. I get to take depositions on the 2, 6,7 and 9th of April, 2009. I realize this is short notice but I would not ask for held if it was not needed.

Please stand with me and help me take this part of the IRS out of the County Court Houses. You can send any support to Lindsey Springer or Bondage Breaker’s Ministries, 5147 S. Harvard, # 116, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74135, or you can paypal at Those of you willing to support me in this endeavor will be emailed a copy of the transcript of any of the depositions I take once it is read and signed by the deponent and as always your blessings for such support will be difficult to even count or express in words. Thank you,

Lindsey Springer 3.26.09

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