Monday, September 29, 2008


Lindsey Springer

Spiritual Commentary On Systems at the 911 Conference

911 Legal Strategy Comments



Lindsey here and I must say that Congress and its income tax system have finally reached the point of no repair that Ross Perot was shouting back in 1991. Each of you have a say in what goes on and the power of that say is no more spoken than to withdraw all your deposits in cash and coin and cash in all your stocks and bonds and whatever else liquid you have. You will need this for the near future as well as your vote "NO" to the current system will be heard loud and clear. Its your "money" isn't it? It is your property isn't it? It is after taxes have already been enforced from you right? The current system is unconstitutional and it can only result in a turn to socialism and worse after that. Most don't know it because they were born during the oppression. Lawyers will not support and defend the Constitution as the license from the State demands. Government employees believe their job is to squash you because their debt spending level is much more powerful than your job can withstand. Judges appointed for life are the absolute disgrace of the 50 States. The bar, now that is an interesting place now isn't it. Bar is a fitting name because the majority of them spend much time in one or the other (some exceptions).

The way I see it you can watch as others get there before you do, including all those wealthy people, or you can for the first time in your God of Jesus given life stand for something and be co-equal to the rich at the same time. Your vote here will certainly be the most powerful vote you ever made. Take the power back and keep it this time will ya! I promise you will even be doing the richest among us a favor. If none of this makes any common sense to you do not fear for once a Good Shepard clears the path he will come back and gather the sheep to follow him. You may not be willing to pledge your life, fortune and sacred honor, for the meaning the Constitution of each State and for which they stand, but will you stop waiving your rights to life, liberty and property, in the name of duty of waiver. The way I look at it if Judges and Lawyers have no duty to uphold the Constitution, and their job was obtained by promising they would, then you and I have no duty to allow them to stay in the place they currently hold office and act. Your duty is to the State Constitution of your State and the 10 th Amendment. Everyone agrees Washington is broke and that is literally and figuratively. 3 billion people on the planet refer to the United States as an "empire" and some within that group add the term "evil."

How did countries, nations and sovereigns, make it for thousands of years without medicine, insurance, stocks and credit? Those countries agreeably would have had a difficult time if someone with lots of power decided to Hitlerize some place on Earth yet Earth has seen its share of abuse of power and always makes it through.

Ask yourself this, why did everyone borrow money to buy a home or get a better rate? You have to agree they could not acquire the home otherwise. Now why is that if having a home is "the" "American Dream" then why is this Dream only real when bondage attaches to it? It is a Dream all right but not reality. The States have elected people to the United States that in most instances would not qualify for any real job whatsoever. How can a "Dream" become the tax base for many Counties or Parishes in each State? It was never any Dream it is an absolute nightmare.

State Citizens stop taking your sleeping pills because they are laced with a heavy dose of dumb and start taking back your power, your State, your Nation, and most important your power. Congress may be the God of Federal Reserve Notes but once you obtain them you're the God over them while they are in your control and it is time you started acting like it.

If the equivalent of Martin Luther King were alive today, and I am not saying that will ever happen and only he and Moses have seen the mountain top, his next speech would not be "I have had another Dream" but "America, I have had a nightmare, wake up, wake up, wake up."

Each of you reading this far must know you were born for this time in the history of the Earth. Arise and take your post as the earth is plentiful and the 50 States United have more than enough to take care of their own. Roads may get bumpy and the speed by which things happen may not be as fast as email but your life, liberty and property, will become secure and the future of your family will not be in doubt. When you say you are a Citizen of one of the 50 States United the entire world will once again look up to you instead, as they wish today, that you were dead or at least miserable and they almost got their wish.

Oh, I know, some of you are saying but why can't the next generation take care of this mess and why me and you. That is what the last three said before you and look where you are now. 40% goes away off the top. You will never make it and the next generation will need have laws that say it is a crime against the United States not to have a job or something like that.

While most are sleeping with fear and anxiety you can be secure you have exercised your duty to take back your power.

Constitutional Adjustment in full operational mode at present.

Lindsey K. Springer 8.23.08

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