Monday, September 29, 2008

Your Money Vote Counted And Is Controlling So HOLD'EM Don't FOLD'EM!

Your Money Vote Counted And Is Controlling So HOLD'EM Don't FOLD'EM!

Lindsey here and I wish to congratulate each of you for exercising your vote to reject Congress' attempt to convert each of the States to a socialistic regime. You now know your vote does matter but not in a way you would have thought. I realize many attempts towards this have been made and nothing was more obvious than this attempt for all to see. Your opinion does count but you cannot stop at this point and believe you have done your duty. Your duty to each of us remains as you breath air. Please appreciate this is your battle and you are a member of our special forces. Manage your time by giving the attention to this issue 45 minutes a day in 5 or 9 minute slots. Do not back off as this victory was measured by 13 house votes. While the minority intends to increase to the number of 217 we can increase the number from 228 to 250 and beyond. Once the partisanship revealed itself many on the line who voted yes will now remember and vote no next time but it is all up to each of you. It is also time to remind those running for office that if you see to it they are elected will they represent your view or the views of special interest. You can only fire every two years so give this the attention it deserves. There is 50 States and 50 State economies and millions of people. True, many have been dumbed into placing all their hope in the U.S. notes but now they will remember, and their grandchildren will never forget, why the choices made were not based upon wisdom but only upon promise.

Compare the selling approach to that of telling State Citizens that the "taxpayers will even possibly get a profit from this bailout." Now how could any "taxpayer" get any "profit"? Exactly. Look at the words and how they are used ambiguously to convince you to buy into some plan or idea. If you find a word in the sales attempt that is ambiguous then the sale is no good. I have seen to many words in acts passed by Congress that were intended to mean something specific and then the Judicial branch, along with the U.S. Department of Justice, expanded those words to mean the exact opposite of what is in the actual laws. For instance, the Paperwork Reduction Act says the public protection applies to "any" request "for information" by "any agency" and can be raised at "any time" yet the U.S. DOJ and Judges say the protection does not apply to any request and cannot be raised at any time and does not apply to every agency.

State Citizens we have been granted a small window of opportunity to take back our States and the 10th Amendment is the vehicle. Take your State back from the jaws of Congress who cannot handle what limited power we enumerated to them and stand firm without waiver. It is down to a bluffing game now. Go to the banks and speak with the bankers about how safe your money would be in their bank telling them you are thinking about placing the currency back into their control to see what they say. Hold'em don't fold'em.

Stop trusting everyone so you can go back to the bury your head in the out of state out of mind arena, and verify, verify, verify. I leave you with this - yesterday Congress was speaking about how to get the debt off the backs of hard working Americans while at the same time they divide and debate over how to stimulate the economy by making more money available to borrow for those same Americans to gather more indebtedness. What is an "American" anyway? See how ambiguous they are about what they wish you to hear? It cannot go both ways and a house cannot divide and stand at the same time. Our founding men and women (behind every good man is a good woman and vise versa)(do not know who was gay back then to know how to say politically correct behind every good man is another good man) amended this by saying the house of representatives shall stand so long as 51% keep her standing. This is why the vice president is the 101st Senator in case his vote is needed to break an equally divided Senate. I know you read much today and just hope that my simpleton words help you see what you are both doing and will do more clearly. State Citizens your State welcomes you back home!

Lindsey 9.29.08

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