Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Something vs. Nothing

Lindsey here and it is strongly urged each of you take notice of the actual count involving the Senate vote scheduled to take place this evening. Of interest is that each two years 1/3 of the Senate is up for removal from office by the people. I understand this was not what the Constitution originally intended (States reserved the power of choice over Senators) however it is what it is and politically it is each of you that has the right, collectively, to impeach a sitting U.S. Senator. The statistic from this evening's vote will tell us how the 1/3 who are up for impeachment will vote. For instance if someone is not seeking re-election then he may vote for his retirement by voting to do something. It does not matter anymore what the actual legislation is labeled to be, because, by the time it bribes every vote needed to pass the subject of the law surpasses any single subject and most generally contains provisions that oppose the very subject originating the bill in the first place.

If there is no money to bail out Wall Street then where would the money come from to pay the insurance on all those FDIC insured accounts? Whether it be 100k or 250k you can easily do the math. FDIC is not insurance for main street it is insurance for those having way more than 100k left after they survive the suck for currency, in the name of inflation, by Congress. Lets just say for argument that there is 1 million accounts of 100k or more needing to be "upticked" (my definition) to 250k for "confidence" in leaving that person's money in an FDIC insured Bank. 1,000,000.00 times 100,000.00 equals 100,000,000,000.00. Noah Webster defined "billion" as "million squared" or million times million. Noah Webster defined trillion as "million times million times million." So "billion" would be 1 followed by 12 zeros. Trillion is 1 followed by 18 zeros (don't forget the commas). Billion looks like this; 1,000,000,000,000.00 - while trillion looks like this; 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00. Here is just a classic example of how someone has changed the sound of something from how that something looks on paper. Under Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary, 100k times million equals "100 Billion Dollars" or "hundred thousand million" (Austin Powers on the sound of "billion") Yet, if Congress or the media was reporting seeing 1,000,000,000,000.00 they would say "it will cost FDIC over 1 Trillion Dollars" which is one thousand billion dollars.

I agree that the problem is how "freedom" to control the King for a time caused the enumeration of power idea in the first place. However, it is you and me that are being held responsible. Do each of you realize how much power Congress has placed in the hands of what is purportedly America's enemy? China is said to be poisoning us with they products. Oil is said to be costing State Citizens 700 "billion" anually and these funds wind up being used to threaten each State Citizen under the ambiguous term "terrorism." What the President and Secretary have done these lask two weeks is strike terror of doing nothing into every State Citizen. Do you each remember when Irac Citizens were being asked why they thought the U.S. was attacking them and they said it was because of their oil preserves? How could anyone say otherwise after we all know how much oil we consume as State Citizens and how much oil we have in each State?

The time to take back control of Congress is now! We do not need to control all of it but we must have the deciding vote on whether to do something or nothing. State Citizens, you have been sending human beings to Washington D.C. resulting in doing something but in reality that something has only defied the Constitution. Ask your State representative this question: How are you protecting and defending the Constitution by voting to give the U.S. the power to buy up assets located among any one of the Several States respectively (the judicial nightmare over this quasi session theory will tie up Courts for decades)? It is not that you and I should not have done this before now, as clearly we should have, but we are here now and we will kick ourselves, and our children will kick us, if we do not levy Congress with the 10th Amendment by saying "if you wanna stay, vote ney." Most people do not understand that Congress means House and Senate.

So, call your Senator a "Congressman" or "Congresswomen" as this will bring him down to the reality of the Constitution and not some inflated ego that seclusion in Washington D.C. may have impressioned him or her with. Tell him or her you chuse (constitutional spelling for all you spelling judges) them do nothing over doing anything that endangers the Constitution of every State and the limited enumerated powers surrendered to Congress.

It is the Constitution that made 228 votes a vote against the life preserver and floaty act of 2008. It is the Constitution that required the President to ask for the floaty in the first place. It is the Constitution that sent each representative in the house and senate to Washington. It is the Constitution that required each State elect their representatives. It is the Constitution that allows you to freely speak your voice and intentions. It is the Constitution that forbids Congress from bying any property located in any State without approval by the legislature of that State. Remember, they are selling their "we will buy the distressed property at the lower price and sell it when the market regains its value." If the lobbiest can control the representative, by stating that if he or she does not support their loop holes in the tax code they will find their opponent to support, so can we control the very near future of every representative we have sent to Washington.

By the way, if it matters, our founding fathers never had to deal with what we deal with today (but would you trade them), and each of them would have roled back over in their grave (they rolled face down because they could not bare to watch us destroy ourselves), sat up and said "its working, its working, the Constitution is actually working, well I'll be." They pledged their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" so you and I could take it from here. Don't pledge your life, pledge the rest of your life. Don't pledge your fortune, use your Federal Reserve Notes to get what you demand while they still have recognizable value in exchange for something (these Notes have no intrinsic value and this is partly why the IRS and its un-uniform income tax has got to go because the only time such notes have value is when they are exchanged from something other than your energy from within). And do not pledge your honor because today promise is cheap, but be honorable and start making a difference in your community. Stop complaining about what Congress is doing and get busy changing Congress.

Keep up the excellent effort as surely it is not in vain. Newsflash, the gas company has just reported that it has decided to turn back on the gas to the eternal flame in hopes all will see your efforts signify your willingness to exercise all of your endless rights reserved to you under the direct language of the 10th Amendment.

Lindsey Springer 10.1.08

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