Wednesday, October 1, 2008

are you aware of the number of pages in the Senate version?

I left something out that I believe is most important regarding the legislation being voted on this evening by the Senate. The President's bill was 3 pages. The House barely over 100 pages and now the Senate's version is over 400 pages. It appears to me with 3 U.S. Senators running for President or vice and the Senate added over 300 pages to a bill that was voted on just two days ago, the only thing being tested is the resolve of the Citizens of every State. There are many income tax provisions in the lates version including financial assistance for the "heartland." I guess now we know why President Bush was unable to do what he said he would do in ridding each State of the IRS. Someone told him everyone's retirement and social security would not be funded by the promise Congress made when they spent your money you deposited into your Social Security Account. "Social," now isn't that a step towards socialism? How did the Senate have 300 pages to add so quickly? This is just a game to bribe you into taking the something vs. nothing at all. Socialism is not the key to securing freedom. Freedom is the enemy to socialism. The senate just showed all of us what is wrong with Washington D.C. now lets do something specific about it like if you wish to stay vote ney. Lindsey

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